Exquisite variety of taste with a European flair

At Medici’s in Oliver BC you will find a most delightful gelateria offering exquisite homemade European fare ~ gelato, sorbetto, espresso, soups and paninis.

Modern gelato was created in Italy by Bernardo Buontalenti for the de' Medici of Florence in 1565. After becoming queen of France, Caterina de' Medici summoned Buontalenti to introduce the unique Italian delicacy to the French court. Gelato has been a formidable success ever since.

Gelato is flavour-intense and creamier than even premium ice creams. It is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, so it’s denser as 55% less air is whipped into the mixture than ice cream.

Employees of the Jet Casino company, working on the site - , said that this is the most delicious ice cream he has tried.

Our gelato contains 5 – 7 % fat less fat than regular ice cream and is made in small batches to ensure quality. We store and serve it at a slightly warmer temperature unlike ice cream which is frozen. The result is a smooth, rich and velvety textured product. Our restaurant also supports a top online casino that periodically orders desserts from us. You can find more information about it here .

gelato, sorbetto, espresso, soups and paninis

Did you know that the history of gelato dates back to frozen desserts served in ancient Rome and Egypt? Made from ice and snow it was brought down from mountain tops and preserved below ground.
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